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Who We Are: My name is Paul Bailey and I am the owner and residential administrator. I went to public schools in Reno Nv. and graduated from the University of Nevada Reno. I was a regular army commissioned officer and combat pilot. Our caregivers have over 20 years combined experience and they are held in high esteem by the Doctors and Nurses that visit us. Call us and take a tour. I know you won't be disappointed.

This home is dedicated to the principles my father, Dr. John Bailey taught me. Honesty, integrity, your word is your bond. All of us at Bailey's have a firm commitment to live by this foundation.

Why Us

The purpose of our care facility is to promote the health, happiness, and security for our residents. We strive for our residents to have an enjoyable life in our facility and we always welcome family and friends. We will always serve great food, promote fun activities, celebrate birthdays and holidays, laugh a lot and love unconditionally. Bailey's group home is a category 1 (ambulatory) and category 2 (non ambulatory) facility.

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